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Landscape Gardening in North Norfolk

Landscape Gardening Services

Bring the outdoors into your life again.

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Garden Designs

Big or small, I can turn your garden into a beautiful outdoor space that suits your lifestyle all year round.

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Timber Structures

From log stores to summer houses to bespoke BBQ bunkers - all hand-built to last, as a good shed should.

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Hard Landscaping

With the right fencing and gates, I can help you to keep dogs, rabbits, livestock - even people! - in or out of your garden.

Working with you, for you.

Landscape Gardening Design and Build Service in North Norfolk

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The right materials…

Together, we'll agree on the right materials to make your garden feel like the best part of your home.

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The right plants…

I'll help you find the right plants for your garden, and the amount of time you spend in it all year round.

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The right approach…

Everyone's perfect garden is different. Busy or calm. Vegetables or flowers. Lawns or patios - it's totally up to you.

Sleek & Beautiful

... and the right person.

Hello. I'm James, and this is Badger. She comes to work with me most days. We'd love to hear about your ideas for a garden.

Keeping up with James

All the latest plans, plants, and projects...

chestnut posts for roses
July 12, 2018 No Comments

Chestnut posts and roses

These are chestnuts posts. They’re about 3m long. I’ve collected them from Ben Law, down in Surrey, and I’m putting them up as rose-posts for a client who wants a sturdy, natural framework for climbing plants. They could be honeysuckle-posts or clematis-posts, maybe? I’ll post (ha ha) some more pictures when the plants go in. […]