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Estate Management

Looking for fencing in North Norfolk?

Tree maintenance, hedging (both restoration and planting from new), creating access-ways, field restoration, boundary lines … there’s a lot more to traditional, rural estate management than ‘putting up fences’. But fencing is an important part of your landscape.

Good fencing provides privacy, can add value to your property and can make your land or garden seem bigger. Or smaller. Or wider. Or safer, if you’d like posts and rails around a paddock; or neater, if you’d like willow panels at the bottom of your garden – it’s up to you.

Consider all the options ~ posts and rails, stock-proof fencing, panels or laps and vertical close boards, reed and willow panels, chain link or even palisade; stiles, kissing gates, agricultural gating, domestic security gating, tree removal, tree and hedge planting or restoration. If you’re looking for someone to erect traditional fencing in North Norfolk, ask us for more ideas about complete estate maintenance, field management and fencing options.

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